Invisibility of a gum
In here the subject is not about gum but solutions what people find to get rid of it. Basically, chewing gum is chosen as a way to refresh your mouth taste, dealing with stress or could be only for joy. People go to shop, buy gums, chews… Interesting point in this chewing progress is starting after when they are done with gum. Because of its sticky texture, may be hard to through them away. If they have trash could be a part of tissue or recycled plastic cups then it become easier for responsible ones. On the other hand we have other kind of people who only through gums on the road or wherever is available. The most distant, the best… And the last type of people is who hides the gum as a solution under tables, chairs, desks; behind cupboard; on plates at restaurants etc. Seeing gums on the roads is also really discomfortable as a vision perception but when they hide gums, solution creates a hidden problem. For a second, it is solved for a person who chews and done with his gum. What happens later is, there will be a second person who does not expect to face with gum at the same spot. For example, there is a person who does not through the gum in proper way because of feeling lazy to walk 10 metres on the way of trash bin, he decides to put it under his desk. May he think to take it of when he moves but anyway, he forgets and gum stays here as a problem for waiting its following victim. When second person arrives he sees a desk there. He sits on desk, does not look for under because he does not expect to see a gum there. His pants already sticks on desk and he would not be able to realise it until he leaves the place. This example is not that much extreme; just a capture from regular life. One’s irresponsibility, cause a problem to another one just because of it was not in surface that he could recognise and take precaution. Those gums appear under desks and ruin book, appear under chair and ruin clothes, appear somewhere else and hinder lives. 
Those people with bad behaviours has no age range. As a reader, you might do it before too. There is neither correct specific description for irresponsible people apperiance nor classes. Who feels lazy or even without any reason to stick gum to hidden spot may bring the problem and create a dead-end loop. This situation ruins not only pants or books, it also puts a strain on our nerves. As a suppliance, please be aware what you leave someone to deal with.

How a visible material works?
According to material what people decide to hide gums are opaque materials. Furnitures or structures which have opaque surfaces cut visual relation with observer. Whatever there is behind after opaque object, we are not able to see it. We could only assume. If there is a chair with four legs and there is no problem visible at first look; like nobody throw up, broken legs or thrown gum, we trust our eyes and sit. In that case, could we say our eyes mislead us? Be broken is acceptable, it is a material problem but if there is a chair where we sit as an object everytime, should we assume to find something interrupts our action? Like how chairs are maden to sit, is it a place for chewing gums that we must assume everytime too?

What if invisible become visible?
It is obvious if those gums were not under objects, at least at the surface somewhere on legs that cannot effect to action of sitting it could be plaguesome. Even we know it is not distracting, situation itself has power to effect our decisions on the opposite side: from a chair with gum on the leg, to chair with gum located somewhere else but has more possibility to effect our action and stick accidentally. Ups!

What if visible become invisible?
In the example, both chairs have same conditions. Both of them have gums. Because of illusion of visibility, preferences may change but situation, reality does not. In this section, there is a question to ask: Can different materials have that much power to affect or even change decisions? In the example there were two opaque chairs, let’s say plastic. What would happen if materials of chair with gum under could be transparent, in this case we could observe gum apparently on the sitting area and the other is on the leg. Then which chair would be chosen one?
Be careful. There is nothing change. Both chairs still has gum. Then the question appears again: Will preferences change again?

Implementing same experience to a public space may help us to find an answer. Having no age range for chewing gum or throwing with improper way is defining location where is the most suitable for that. It should welcome for every kind of people. As an option, cafeterias is not the best because of salary (ranging people is unintentional) as well as age according to type of cafe. Those variables could affect the observation results. The place should be free and preferable.
The imposing Avenida dos Aliados is the heart of the city, a sloping boulevard lined with grand buildings and a central promenade. There are also several cafes, including the historical texture. There are several chairs and tables at location where you can sit at one of the tables on the pavement to watch the world go by, and pass by the Town Hall. Those seats in Aliados allows majority to rest, have a talk or even picnic with your own food. It is located in the best spot of the Avenue and it is free. That is because of it is chosen from people of all ages. 
At this point, being free and well located seats may help to project improve itself better.

Project will be continued until attention from people be lowered and awareness get higher.

This project requires everybody who chews gum. No classification, no age.

How // How will be the project development?
In the chosen spot at Aliados, there are wooden-iron chairs and tables which are fixed to pavement. Before application of the idea, I visited the spot and searched for problem as if it is existing also. There was, chewing gums under tables and chairs. There are some marks also belongs to previous ones removed by municipality or at least tried. There were more than 20 fresh gums under furnitures. So answer is yes. Spot is correct choice.

There will be furnitures produced with same model in Aliados but used transparent materials. Each transparent furniture will have the same amount of gum with opaque ones. The alignment will be randomly strewed and mixture of two model. One important point in this experience will be the observation of people’s reactions and actions. If they will decide to sit on transparent chairs regardless or they will ignore to sit on wooden ones which are same equally. Participants will not recognise it until they find the explanation tags on wooden tables and chairs. Transparent furniture will not have anything on them. They have gums as visible already, this may take the attraction quite enough. Real awareness comes when they make decisions, sits wooden ones (as an expectation) and read labels. Then they will understand and face the equally between their choices.

Problem hiding solved.
If participants wish, they will be able to stick their gums under chairs, yes both. In this case, there is an action expectation about which chair will they choose. They might still continue to stick gums under wooden ones but after realise all transparent ones is equally same with wooden ones, they will not know where exactly and how much gum their chair has, so choice could be in favour of transparent furniture which they could see the availability. They do not want to stick in both cases. So those transparent furnitures between opaque ones will gain a secondary mission after giving awareness: calling interactivity and collecting gums.

During progress, more people will participate-develop the idea and it will continue until furnitures are full and awareness of visible discuss increase. When gums getting larger amounts than past, will people still want to sit on a chair with a bunch of gum under or try to eat something on tables with gums under including someones salivas and particles from his mouth? How that visual image will affect people’s action in daily life?

Avenida dos Aliados welcome hundreds each day. Not only citizens, also city has many tourist and spot is very well-known itself. Buses take off from there and many offices located in there. If someone has to wait, that spot for is vey good for waiting with some green and pool. Even people prefer to pass by when they are in a rush. Hopefully, this idea of visibility and invisibility via material difference may develop and interact with more people during time. People who participate with their actions and reactions could carry the idea of “hidden solution” is only a material illusion. Expectation of self-awareness, canalise them to remember that image and think twice while they tend to repeat sticking gum under somewhere and creating another loop again.