Invisibility of a gum In here the subject is not about gum but solutions what people find to get rid of it. Basically, chewing gum is chosen as a way to refresh your mouth taste, dealing with stress or could be only for joy. People go to shop, buy gums, chews… Interesting point in this chewing progress is starting after when they are done with gum. Because of its sticky texture, may be hard to through them away. If they have trash could be a part of tissue or recycled plastic cups then it become easier for responsible ones. On the other hand we have other kind of people who only through gums on the road or wherever is available. The most distant, the best… And the last type of people is who hides the gum as a solution under tables, chairs, desks; behind cupboard; on plates at restaurants etc. Seeing gums on the roads is also really discomfortable as a vision perception but when they hide gums, solution creates a hidden problem. For a second, it is solved for a person who chews and done with his gum. What happens later is, there will be a second person who […]
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